Saturday, July 4, 2015

The test for eye color

Hand the development of scientific techniques involving DNA progress has been invaluable and profitable in many areas. One of the most popular applications of scientific knowledge about DNA is that which concerns the identity of the parents of a child undetermined.

Thanks to this technique have managed to solve countless cases of doubtful paternity and reason for its effectiveness is a technique that has been quickly accepted in health centers.

However, there are many other techniques that are also used for the same purposes, but none as effective as DNA analysis, I must say. One is the study of color of eyes of parents and children, which takes as its basis the assumptions of the father of genetics Gregor Mendel.

Eye Color The Paternity Test is based on fundamentals such as saying that the color of dark eyes dominated genetically to the clear, among other scientifically proven assumptions.

In Identigene yourself can do this test and verify that there has been no genetic speck of a foreign parent to your baby (: P), choosing appropriate eye colors. Just remember that life until the baby's eye color can be modified.

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