Thursday, July 2, 2015

Orgasm and the womb

Sex is an act that unites much the couple, either at the stage it. And much more in pregnancy, when the couple must live this stage in extreme union, and considering the importance of sex when it comes to forging ties should not think that pregnancy can be a barrier to sex.

Sure, of course you can not practice the entire Kama Sutra, but make love quietly, because this does not do any harm to the baby, however, creates very strong bonds of union between the three parties.

Specifically orgasm may raise some questions as to whether it affects the uterus or not. Well I must say that these questions are completely accessories.

During sex mom you may feel some contractions in the uterus, but these are no more than simple conventional contractions that do not involve any danger, and are not even signs of labor. Moreover, maybe some baby kick feel after intercourse, but these are simple consequences of agitation and movement of the time.

Some stains may look after the sexual act, but these should not alarm, because the uterus is full of blood vessels, and when they fill the spots appear. Of course, if after a couple of hours after intercourse stubborn cases, it is important to call the doctor to diagnose a solution to the case.

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