Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tips for Baby stimulation

Early stimulation is the set of means, techniques and activities that are used -with a científic- to fully develop the cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills based baby. This type of stimulation is used in children from birth until their about 6 years.

The baby is born with great potential, and is in the hands of adults contribute to its development on the whole. It is not a therapy or a teaching mechanism.

It's just a way to stimulate the full potential of each, so it is also essential in healthy children.

Children from birth are external to interact with others and their environment stimuli. When we stimulate our babies we are presenting different opportunities to explore, acquire skills and abilities in a natural way and understand what goes on around them.

Therefore these tips to stimulate the baby may be good practical. I have found in life7 and want to share. Basically it teaches us that we can leverage all daily activities with our baby to stimulate your senses and abilities.

• Keep in mind that your baby learns from its environment which perceives through his senses: smelling, feeling, seeing, tasting and hearing.

• Your baby also receives stimuli from their interaction with others. When he laugh or cry, you also laughs or cries, this will reinforce their emotions.

• Enjoy bath time, feeding or broken to stimulate change. You can sing or put classical music at the time. Music is highly stimulating and developing its intelligence and musical ear.

• Allows you get used to normal environmental sounds in the house, do not push yourself over trying to maintain absolute silence.

• Talk constantly. Hear talk not only creates a special bond with you, so ready to learn to speak later.

• Tickle, play with him. In this way, you can practice the moves, learn to coordinate and recognized as a being with parties.

• See what activities are most attractive to him and tries to make them.

• You can also use sounds, lights, textures, colors and smells to stimulate it. Let your baby experience the sensation of textures, the different aromas.

• Find out what can and should do your little according to their age so you can detect any anomaly in its development.

• Your attitude towards it also stimulates: your pampering, your kisses, your kind words. A loving behavior will feed esteem and understand their emotions.

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