Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pregnant parents

"I have nausea, anxiety, dizziness and cravings," says a husband to his beautiful pregnant woman and her cheerful replied "Is not it that? ... Are you also pregnant?".

This conversation that sounds crazy, does not necessarily have to be. It turns out that the pregnancy symptoms are not just something women can also be common among men.

Obviously, men can not get pregnant, however, if they experience symptoms of pregnancy. And this, I Doctors call Covada syndrome.

"Covada" which is the name that calls this syndrome comes from the French term "couver" and means incubate. This term derives from an ancient rite practiced by the peoples of Europe, which was to leave the child in the care of the father after birth. And even in some cases, parents appeared to suffer the pains of the mother.

But one wonders how can it happen this syndrome ?. As in the case of women, pregnancy symptoms are generated by hormones, but in men ... hormones have nothing to do. In itself, there is no physiological or hormonal mechanism that allows man to suffer these discomforts.

Covada syndrome is therefore a purely psychological syndrome. This is a secondary psychological effect of what the mother is living. For parents also have their concerns during pregnancy. The first trimester of pregnancy for example, it is normal that daddies are carcoman anxiety. They have doubts about multiple topics: think whether or not the baby will be healthy, whether they can or not have sex at this time, they should or should not eat, how they should care for his wife, etc ...

Stress causes uncertainty. And we all know that. Whether or not we're pregnant, today, before or ever. Stress gives us pain and even insomnia.

But in the second trimester of pregnancy, parental symptoms decrease and changes just as women are standardized, but of course, in the end the nerves become, for her and for him. Then, turn their symptoms, stress levels increase and sometimes become ends: with cramps in the abdomen or chest pain.

Therefore, when the girl becomes pregnant, all pregnant with her. Especially his partner.

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