Friday, July 24, 2015

Is there a double jogging stroller passing through the doors?

Double jogging strollers can mean more freedom for a parent who wants to get outdoors with two kids in tow. These have strong frames and made resistant tires roll smoothly on hard or uneven terrain. A compact jogging stroller is an excellent choice for a parent who wants to cross as easily through the door in the local market as it does along the trail in the park.


When you go to buy a double stroller for jogging, note where you'll use primarily. A compact stroller is best adapted to your needs, if you're going to do walks indoors. The standard width for an exterior door in the United States is 36 inches, and the interior door widths can be from 28 to 36 inches. Measure your car before you buy it will ensure that you can pass through the doors of most shops, offices and other places with ease.

Recommended models

Although new models of double jogging strollers are added to the market every year, several of these are sufficiently narrow to pass through most doors. The double stroller Tyke Tech X3 Sport is 30 inches wide and is suitable for running. To run the BOB Revolution SE Duallie 30 inches wide, just put the stroller wheel fixed in position. The Mountain Buggy Plus One has only 25 inches wide when open, and features a line design appropriate for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.


American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until your baby is at least 6 months before placing a jogging stroller. Must be able to support the head and sit by himself. Children under 6 months old can travel in a jogging stroller if it has a safety harness and position options, especially for small babies. To give your baby a more comfortable ride while running, proveele support for the neck, resting on the seat in smooth surfaces. Babies older than one year old can better manage tracks bumpy and uneven surfaces.

Other Considerations

Most double strollers can support up to 100 pounds, including two children, stroller accessories and other items like diapers and snacks. To travel without problems, it is best to distribute weight evenly. A wide set of dual wheels and frame light and strong metal offer a more secure base for a double stroller. Other safety features should include a hand or foot brake, safety harness five points and a wrist strap to prevent the stroller from rolling. Parents should ensure all belts and test the brakes before leaving with the kids in the stroller. Also be sure to properly inflate tires to the levels listed in the user manual or tires themselves.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The test for eye color

Hand the development of scientific techniques involving DNA progress has been invaluable and profitable in many areas. One of the most popular applications of scientific knowledge about DNA is that which concerns the identity of the parents of a child undetermined.

Thanks to this technique have managed to solve countless cases of doubtful paternity and reason for its effectiveness is a technique that has been quickly accepted in health centers.

However, there are many other techniques that are also used for the same purposes, but none as effective as DNA analysis, I must say. One is the study of color of eyes of parents and children, which takes as its basis the assumptions of the father of genetics Gregor Mendel.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Orgasm and the womb

Sex is an act that unites much the couple, either at the stage it. And much more in pregnancy, when the couple must live this stage in extreme union, and considering the importance of sex when it comes to forging ties should not think that pregnancy can be a barrier to sex.

Sure, of course you can not practice the entire Kama Sutra, but make love quietly, because this does not do any harm to the baby, however, creates very strong bonds of union between the three parties.

Specifically orgasm may raise some questions as to whether it affects the uterus or not. Well I must say that these questions are completely accessories.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tips for Baby stimulation

Early stimulation is the set of means, techniques and activities that are used -with a científic- to fully develop the cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills based baby. This type of stimulation is used in children from birth until their about 6 years.

The baby is born with great potential, and is in the hands of adults contribute to its development on the whole. It is not a therapy or a teaching mechanism.

It's just a way to stimulate the full potential of each, so it is also essential in healthy children.

Children from birth are external to interact with others and their environment stimuli. When we stimulate our babies we are presenting different opportunities to explore, acquire skills and abilities in a natural way and understand what goes on around them.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Tips to take pictures of your baby

Parents always want pictures of their children, in each of their new positions. If in doubt, check how many pictures have their forefathers baby and few adult or adolescent. They will see that the first win by a landslide.

But how can you blame them? If you are now parents want to do exactly the same thing to immortalize the best moments of your baby, from birth until he gets older. They want to portray and create a special album with your photos, make sure to remember forever the moments of happiness that little gave their lives.

Because we know how important those photos for you today is that I want to share these tips I found in losbebes for your photos from perfect:

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fear the Doctor

I know! You have a baby about two years, which dreads going to the doctor. And you the truth you have half worried, because you cause an uncomfortable situation: you see your child mourn, cry, not allowed to be revised or even sometimes there are cases where vomit of despair.

Maybe if we thought in mind of children we would come to understand them. Consider that for a healthy child, the doctor is something that happens once every lot as spacing will grow even more. This plus the fact that the revised usually very fast, preventing a link can be generated that builds trust.

Without trust, the doctor is but a stranger who asks us and let us check desvistamos. The truth is that it is something we should all learn to cope, and parents can not and should not prevent your child. It is an awkward moment, but we do it for the greater good of our son. Therefore, we must know as a way to transform these institutions in the least time possible unpleasant.

First, you must always warn with not much anticipation that they will go to see the doctor. We must never let them know with more anticipation than a day, and neither should we take "deceived". This would make our children lose confidence in us, and that the least we must do or find.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pregnant parents

"I have nausea, anxiety, dizziness and cravings," says a husband to his beautiful pregnant woman and her cheerful replied "Is not it that? ... Are you also pregnant?".

This conversation that sounds crazy, does not necessarily have to be. It turns out that the pregnancy symptoms are not just something women can also be common among men.

Obviously, men can not get pregnant, however, if they experience symptoms of pregnancy. And this, I Doctors call Covada syndrome.

"Covada" which is the name that calls this syndrome comes from the French term "couver" and means incubate. This term derives from an ancient rite practiced by the peoples of Europe, which was to leave the child in the care of the father after birth. And even in some cases, parents appeared to suffer the pains of the mother.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tips for breastfeeding

Do you have trouble breastfeeding? Want to know how to do to help the baby latch on better breast? ... Well ... your wish is my command.

To help the baby latch on to the breast hard, we must sustain our breast with his hand. The point is that we should not always sustain the same, but the position of our hand will vary, depending on the position in which we are carrying our baby.

When we have our baby in the cradle position, or cross-cradle, it is best that we take within putting your hand in a "C". That is, with the thumb on top and the other fingers on the base (1.5 to 2 inches behind the tip of the nipple). If, however, we have our baby in the breastfeeding position called "football", we must hold the breast with his hand in a "U". So, with your thumb on one side of the breast and the other fingers on the other side.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Drugs during pregnancy

When you are no longer alone, and his gentle little body houses a future child, nothing is the same. We can not eat the same, nor do the same. Now we are two, and therefore we must think of two. One of those things that we have good, but very BENONE in mind, when we learned that we are pregnant, are medicines.

Being that is in your belly reacts differently to how one would deal with certain substances. Therefore we must be careful medicines we consume, but also also that we apply on the skin.

. Thus, Dr. Maria Bustillo, an expert in reproductive medicine at South Miami Hospital, says: "Some medicines cause genetic defects in infants, affecting the development of the embryo, fetus and then cause congenital anomalies.

For example, if we have acne and use products to treat you, we should consult a doctor. There are certain antibiotics like Accutane, or even topics that should not be used. For example, derivatives of vitamin A that are cousins ​​of accutane, such as Retin A.