Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Drugs during pregnancy

When you are no longer alone, and his gentle little body houses a future child, nothing is the same. We can not eat the same, nor do the same. Now we are two, and therefore we must think of two. One of those things that we have good, but very BENONE in mind, when we learned that we are pregnant, are medicines.

Being that is in your belly reacts differently to how one would deal with certain substances. Therefore we must be careful medicines we consume, but also also that we apply on the skin.

. Thus, Dr. Maria Bustillo, an expert in reproductive medicine at South Miami Hospital, says: "Some medicines cause genetic defects in infants, affecting the development of the embryo, fetus and then cause congenital anomalies.

For example, if we have acne and use products to treat you, we should consult a doctor. There are certain antibiotics like Accutane, or even topics that should not be used. For example, derivatives of vitamin A that are cousins ​​of accutane, such as Retin A.

Accutane for its part, is a drug that is absorbed by the body fat and after taking it, should spend two months to completely remove it from the system.

Anyway, do not settle for those two months, this substance has effects on the mucous membranes of the body and skin so it is recommended to spend at least six months before attempting pregnancy for absolutely everything this in normal

You should also be taken with certain medicines for hypertension, seizures and depression. But the best, always, always, is to consult with a doctor before attempting pregnancy because there medicines should be suspended for that period.

Remember, when one plans to be two, should start thinking for two .... And this applies to all

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