Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fear the Doctor

I know! You have a baby about two years, which dreads going to the doctor. And you the truth you have half worried, because you cause an uncomfortable situation: you see your child mourn, cry, not allowed to be revised or even sometimes there are cases where vomit of despair.

Maybe if we thought in mind of children we would come to understand them. Consider that for a healthy child, the doctor is something that happens once every lot as spacing will grow even more. This plus the fact that the revised usually very fast, preventing a link can be generated that builds trust.

Without trust, the doctor is but a stranger who asks us and let us check desvistamos. The truth is that it is something we should all learn to cope, and parents can not and should not prevent your child. It is an awkward moment, but we do it for the greater good of our son. Therefore, we must know as a way to transform these institutions in the least time possible unpleasant.

First, you must always warn with not much anticipation that they will go to see the doctor. We must never let them know with more anticipation than a day, and neither should we take "deceived". This would make our children lose confidence in us, and that the least we must do or find.

Another aspect that tends to help the days before going to the doctor, he is playing with the doctor trying to imitate those typical elements of an office where, through play, to develop their imagination and start working and eliminate fears.

Second, it's a good idea to propose with toys, drawing materials or a book for entertainment in the waiting room. If everything will seem distracted or ceremonious less tortuous. If you have a cushion, a doll or a sheet, which usually turn to sleep, or when they are distressed, it is very important that you take.

Another aspect that helps is to organize them after the visit to the doctor, some funny or interesting event. We can tell them that on leaving the doctor's we will take to the zoo, to the house of a friend or relative, a restaurant, or whatever he does look attractive. But beware, the idea is not to present this as a reward for having gone to the doctor, and this output to determine how it will be their behavior in the doctor.

Nor should we make warnings like "I hope you behave better than last time", but rather take it with ease and dramatize the situation.

And of course, if that fear can not be overcome and the parents feel they can not handle it, they should always speak first with a pediatrician and then, if necessary with a psychologist.

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