Monday, June 29, 2015

Tips to take pictures of your baby

Parents always want pictures of their children, in each of their new positions. If in doubt, check how many pictures have their forefathers baby and few adult or adolescent. They will see that the first win by a landslide.

But how can you blame them? If you are now parents want to do exactly the same thing to immortalize the best moments of your baby, from birth until he gets older. They want to portray and create a special album with your photos, make sure to remember forever the moments of happiness that little gave their lives.

Because we know how important those photos for you today is that I want to share these tips I found in losbebes for your photos from perfect:

1. When they are very young, children do not stop moving and become more difficult to take photo. In these cases it is best to call your attention to a leg object that the child try to look at us and make photo.

2. The ideal is to make simple pictures; Funds must be clear and clean to take away the baby role.

3. When children are a little older (one to two years), you have to shoot in height; you need to be on the ground to frame the photo to the eye level of the child.

4. Keep the camera in your power to catch the baby in a spontaneous moment or expression; This kind of picture are the best, because you catch the baby with her actual expression without forcing the picture. A good time to catch your little one is when there is activity, as it forgets the camera and goes naturally.

5. Natural light is best; in some situations we will not be sufficient, in that case, use the flash. Not harm the baby's eyes, but not abuse it.

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