Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tips for breastfeeding

Do you have trouble breastfeeding? Want to know how to do to help the baby latch on better breast? ... Well ... your wish is my command.

To help the baby latch on to the breast hard, we must sustain our breast with his hand. The point is that we should not always sustain the same, but the position of our hand will vary, depending on the position in which we are carrying our baby.

When we have our baby in the cradle position, or cross-cradle, it is best that we take within putting your hand in a "C". That is, with the thumb on top and the other fingers on the base (1.5 to 2 inches behind the tip of the nipple). If, however, we have our baby in the breastfeeding position called "football", we must hold the breast with his hand in a "U". So, with your thumb on one side of the breast and the other fingers on the other side.

If your breasts are small, you probably do not have to keep holding it once the baby starts to suck. But that is a privilege only for mothers with little heart, because they are voluptuous must hold them until the baby finishes feeding.

Vallan considering these tips ... sure will be useful to them ...

But do not despair there will be many more relating to this issue so upset.

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